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Educate yourself on insurance claims

he first thing to know is never file a claim with your insurance carrier before you have a General Contractor who’s familiar with insurance claim criteria Inspect your roof and all four sides also known as elevations of the Home. This experience will prevent bad experiences with your carrier this will also qualify your Roof to be replaced. The reason you do this is so you don’t know if you’re deductible is more than the damage created by the storm. There has been plenty of times that a home owner smack in the middle of a neighborhood that all around them had hail damage and the neighbors were all getting new roof’s but they didn’t have the damage. Maybe it was because they are great Christians doing God’s work and he protected it. Either way it’s happened that they didn’t have any damage to their roof. Insurance Companies will count any claims turned into them regardless if it paid out on that claim or not. This inspection will prevent you from filing a claim that isn’t going to pay out and cause you to have a hit against your policy.

Have the Contractor mitigate any damages to prevent any further damages to your home because your policy states you are responsible to prevent any further damages. Have your contractor do a complete 49 Point inspection around the House and identify all your damages that may have been missed or left off your report.

If you haven’t filed a claim at that time of the inspection then do so with your contractor. Schedule your contractor to be there at the time of the adjusters inspection to minimize the missing items that your contractor found that was damaged.

Once you receive a copy of the adjusters report make a copy and allow your contractor to compare the damages found and left off.
The contractor will create an exactimate estimate with the missing items and also add Overhead & Profit to the estimate. 
Sign the estimate and give the contractor the permission to talk to the carrier by calling the carrier and giving them your blessings to talk to them. That way they can add the missing Items to your claim.

Once you receive your new report Give the Contractor the new version and expect him to give you a bid with a new Budget for the start of all of the work. 

DO NOT give a check up front to any Contractor or Roofer for roofing work but pay him once the roof has been completed to the satisfaction of your insurance policy. The contractor should give you the schedule of the rest of the work that should be started don’t use any company that can’t do 95 % of all the work that needs to get done.

Pay the rest of the money after you receive your depreciation check from the Insurance and only when the work is completed. 
Give your contractor a good review on his BBB or Social media face Book page or Yelp the hard work he performed and if you happened to save a few bucks give him the review he deserves.

If the Insurance carrier doesn’t allow any missing items to be added or the Overhead & Profit to be added you have the right to Invoke the appraisal process this process takes the decision making out of the hands of the carrier and puts it in a third party. This process was established by the Texas Department of insurance for the reason that insurance carriers are acting in bad faith. A Home owner should have a way of recuperating the amount of money for their loss.

This process takes 6 to 12 months to finish so you have to be patient, But it works.