Concrete Driveway

Concrete Driveway Replacement or Repair – Go with the Pros!

Curb Appeal is the statement your home makes.  When you are driving down the street, curb appeal is the manicured front lawn, budding foliage, and even the fresh exterior paint that grabs people’s attention before they step foot through your front door.

However, there is an element of curb appeal that you should not overlook: the driveway.  A damaged or poorly constructed driveway can send serious signals about the quality and upkeep of a home.

If you are considering a new concrete driveway, driveway replacement, or repair, A Pro Roofing and Construction offers a variety of colors and patterns and finishes to complement any home aesthetic.

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Why Concrete is a Good Choice for a Driveway

Concrete driveways have become a staple but often people wonder if it is a good choice.  Any type of home renovation should take into consideration cost and quality.  Simply, reinforced concrete with rebar is not the least expensive option.  Concrete requires less ongoing maintenance than cheaper alternatives and offers more options in terms of customization and design.

Sometimes a concrete driveway is referred to as a “cement driveway,” but there is more to creating a beautiful concrete entryway into your home than simply pouring wet cement.  With the addition of other common elements to the mixture such as crushed rocks and sand, you can create a variety of customized finishes can be achieved.

Installing a Concrete Driveway

Installing a concrete driveway is more involved than pouring cement over your existing structure.  The process is started by removing grass, foliage, and debris from the area to ensure a level, stable foundation.  If there is an existing driveway, the original concrete must be removed.

Rebar is used to frame out the area and provide support for the concrete.  Remember, the quality of the concrete driveway construction can make all the difference in the curb appeal.

Ready to Increase Your Curb Appeal with a Concrete Driveway?

At A Pro Roofing and Construction, our mission is to help you understand all of the options for your home with a concrete driveway.  From the beautiful stained or polished finishes to concrete floors, concrete patios, and even concrete decks.

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