Fascia Trim

Facia Trim – Professional Quality – Keeping Your Home & Business Safe From Water Damage

Your home is your most valuable asset and protecting it is extremely important.  You can protect your home from water damage.  Water damage protection can be achieved in several different ways such as correcting issues with Fascia Trim and Soffits.  Correcting these issues will keep your structure free from water damage for many years to come.

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Fascia Trim – Fascia Board & Fascia Wrap

Having your gutters and roofing replaced is an excellent idea and project.  However, if the fascia trim is ignored and not repaired or replaced, future damage may occur.

Fascia Board is the wood backing that the gutter is strapped to. Fascia Board is connected to rafter tails approximately 16″ to 24″ apart. To ensure a solid installation, our crews install gutter hangers/fasteners with 2″ screws to the fascia board, and into the rafter tail. Fascia Boards are typically 1/4″ to 1″ thick. Our experienced gutter installers can replace small wood fascia repairs such as rotten, and/or damaged, fascia boards.

Fascia wrap and trim are constructed of an aluminum material to cover and protect, the wood from future water damage. For a professional look, and extra protection to your structure, we can custom bend around fascia, rake board, and windows.

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